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 Foreign Trade / Commissioner / Assistant

1.Be  responsible for the company's product sales and promotion
2 To open new markets. Develop new customers. Increase product sales.
3. To collect and analysis of market and competitor information.
4.To complete the company's business according to the operational processes and management systems
5. Managed to maintain customer relationships and long-term  co-operative strategic 
6 Complete  other transactional work.

1, tertiary and higher education, international trade, business English class of relevant professional experience related conditions can be relaxed;
2,1 years of working experience in foreign trade related areas, Having better  ability  may be relaxed;
3, To understand the import and export business processes, familiar with foreign trade import and export business sectors;
4, Have good oral and written English, pass CET 4at least,  good skill of office software;
5, have better communication, coordination and implementation capacity, work seriously, keen to respond fast, strong sense of responsibility.