Card bearing

CARB bearing is a single row bearing with a long and a bit of arc symmetrical rollers.

CARB circular ring roller bearings combine the self-aligning capability of the spherical roller bearings and axial displacement capacity of cylindrical roller bearings .It also have  Compact cross-section and high load carrying capacity. CARB roller bearings can automatically lead position, regardless of whether or not to have a bearing ring axial displacement, it can be in a position so that the load average effect on the entire roller.

CARB bearings used exclusively as a floating end bearings. It simplifies susceptible to thermal expansion / contraction of the shaft bearing arrangement impacts, because the bearings allow axial displacement, and almost no friction. Bearing system includes locating spherical roller bearings and CARB bearings floating terminal, can save space and reduce weight, lower cost of ownership. CARB bearings can reduce noise and vibration levels and fan the paper machine and other equipment.